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What is an in-home consultation?

The complimentary InHome Financial Consultation is a 90 minute consultation that takes place in the privacy of your home, at a time convenient for you.

It is carried out by our experienced InHome Consultants, who have conducted this session with over 300 Kiwis in the past couple of years, and is designed specifically to help you:

  • Take stock of your current financial position.
  • Identify and articulate your financial goals (short term, medium term and long term).
  • Evaluate what you have in place to reach your goals, along with any gaps and/or opportunities.
  • Present information and insights that will help you make informed decisions about your family’s financial future.
  • Get you started on a path to sustainable wealth creation and an improved use of your current financial circumstances.

Potential Benefits
  • Creation of a personalised plan and roadmap to help you towards achieving your goals.
  • Tax reduction.
  • Wealth Creation.
  • Interest, debt and mortgage reduction.
  • Early mortgage repayment.
  • Investment Analysis.
  • Cashflow Analysis and Improvement.
  • Asset Protection.

In-Home Financial Consultation

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