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You own your own home, you earn a good income but you don't seem to be making progress financially.


You want to get to mortgage-free within 10 years but are unsure of the best way to make that happen.


You're in your 30's or early 40s and you'd like to explore the possibility of becoming financially independent in the next 10 to 15 years and create a plan to get you there.


You're in your late 40s or 50s and would like to explore realistic options for building wealth to provide a comfortable lifestyle when you do decide to stop work.

Life on your terms

Work Optional

The road to financial independence



Life on your terms

Map out your journey to Financial independence with help from the Moneyplanners team. 

The term “financial independence” gets thrown around a lot in personal finance articles and blogs, and not everyone uses it the same way. To some people, financial independence simply means earning enough to pay your bills, so you don’t have to depend on help from your famly or government. To others, it means begin free of debt, so you don’t have to make ends meet.

That is why we have called our programme “Work Optional”. It has one very specific meaning: having enough financial wealth to support you for the rest of your life. This type of financial independence – often described as being independently wealthy, or a having “walk away from it all money” means that you don’t have to depend on a salary.

Programme Overview

Through our guided discovery pathway, you are an active participant in the development and implementation of your work optional strategy.

Starting with a 6-12 week discovery phase we work together with you to establish where you are today, what money means to you, the values which are important to you and discover what work optional looks like for you. Along the way we will also gain valuable insights into your money behaviours which impact on long term financial outcomes and affect your ability to achieve your goals. 

The foundation programme comprises a series of six modules (or steps) which build on each other to develop and implement a structured plan to set you on the path to work optional.

Once you are under way, your adviser will continue to work with you as mentor and coach to help you navigate opportunities and challenges as they arise and help to make sure that your plan remains on track or help to adjust your plans as your life changes over time.  

1. Order from chaos 

Step 1 is about figuring out where you. Pulling all of your current finances together and creating a snapshot of your position today.

2. Avoid Rabbit Holes

Step 2 is about figuring out where you want to go….in the spirit of Alice…if you don’t know where you want to go, any direction is good!!

3. Keep your eye on the tides

Understanding your cashflow is key to successful financial management. In this step we’ll start to build a picture of your cashflow behaviours to help us understand opportunities and risks which could impact on your “work optional” strategy.

4. Tell us the time, we’ll show you the money

Building wealth takes time. In step 4 we’ll take a detailed look at strategies for building and growing wealth and develop a personalised investment strategy to suit your goals and timeframes.

5. Build your own Fort Knox

Our penultimate step is about protecting what you already have. We conduct a risk assessment and figure out where you need to take action. We then work with you to implement any recommendations

Avoid roadblocks and cliffhangers

Step 6 is where the real action starts. Here we put a plan of action in place to realise your work optional goal; automating behaviours, setting up processes and implementing changes identified in the plan. We will also set up ongoing monitoring and review to help you stay on track.


Moneyplanners are a group of financial planners. We are a boutique firm with specialist advisers who can advise on and implement debt, risk and wealth creation programmes as required. We also have access to external specialists who can help with asset protection, small business finance, estate planning and investment property.

Our approach is a little different to what you may expect from a financial adviser. We encourage our clients to be active participants in the process of creating, implementing and tracking their financial plans. We believe that by involving you in the process, you become more engaged and committed to achieve the goals you have set. We’re also on the journey with you – we’ll be there when life gets in the way to coach and mentor you and help you to make any adjustments along the way.

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