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Where do store all of your important documents?

Have you ever given thought to how your family would find all of the important information/documents if you weren’t around? Documents like wills, trusts, insurance policies etc. Or what happens if you are overseas and need access to the insurance policy in the filing cabinet in your office? And what about a copy of that fridge warranty – where did you file it?

The MoneyPlanners Vault is the answer
By providing a highly secure (bank level security with two-factor authentication options) cloud-based vault for ALL of your important documents and information with the ability to share with other family members and other professional advisers.

Key Features

Bank-Level security

The documents you store on the Moneyplanners vault are stored using the strongest available encryption. The Sharefile service we use for the vault is trusted by banks and other financial institutions around the world.

Mobile Apps

Access important documents from any device including tablet and mobile devices. Great for overseas travel; store copies of your passport, travel insurance as well as important contact information on your vault and be able to access it from your mobile.

Lost your device?

We’ve got your back. You can access your vault from any computer with an internet connection. We can even wipe your vault data from any device if your device is permanently lost or stolen.


Store important documents

Wills, trust documents, insurance policies, warranties, investment information, travel documents….store ALL of your important documents in one secure location. You can also store important weblinks/locations.

Accessible from anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, you can get access to your most important documents – on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Bank level security

The service we use is also used by local and internation banks. It meets the highest data security standards anywhere in the world.

Share your vault

Share (and remove) access to your vault at any time. You can share individual documents, folders or everything in your vault with your partners, family or other advisers.


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