Investment Planning is about creating a solution to achieve YOUR goals not trying to outperform the market. We work with you to design an investment solution which will meet your needs now and ensure long term value is preserved for your retirement and your heirs.


Understanding Risk

Every investment involves some element of risk. Even bank deposits have an element of risk. Our investment planning solutions are designed to balance the need for return with the underlying risks of the investment solution.



Putting all of your eggs in one basket…

Time in the markets not timing the markets

30 years equals about 11,000 days. One might assume that eliminating a few of those days would have little impact on investment performance during that time. Yet, if the ten best days of the S&P 500 Index for the period 1983- 2013 are excluded, the average annual return drops from 8.40% to 5.80%. If the twenty best days are excluded, the average annual return drops to 4.09%.

Many investors try to time the market, chasing today’s hot investment or fleeing the latest downturn. Such a short-term perspective can harm performance and jeopardize your long-term financial goals. We aim to ensure that you stay the course by coaching you through the ups and DOWNS of the market.

Retirement Planning

One of the primary reasons that people engage a financial planner is to know if, and when, they can retire.  Just the thought of retirement can cause anxiety and many feel overwhelmed and unprepared. At Moneyplanners we will work with you to create a retirement plan you can rely on. Our service includes:

  • Helping you to set realistic retirement goals based on where you are today.
  • Creating a plan which balances the spending needs of today with those of the future
  • Building a programme of savings (including KiwiSaver) and investment to get you there.
  • Reviewing and refining your programme over time taking into account changes in your situation.
Investment Management

“Investment management is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Creating an investment plan which balances risk/return and your goals for the funds requires a structure, skill and patience. At Moneyplanners, we take our role in the investment planning process very seriously. Our role is not to outperform the markets, but to use our knowledge of how the markets work and, by adopting globally recognised principles of investment planning, help you achieve your investment goals. Our investment planning services includes:

  • Developing an investment solution to designed to meet your goals for the investment.
  • Implementing and managing the investment solution on your behalf.
  • Reviewing and updating the programme to cater for changing needs and circumstances.
  • Coaching you through the inevitable ups and downs of the markets