Individual Pieces (FP)


Financial planning is about developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs and meet your life goals – and the first step is to make sure you have access to the right advice. If you could achieve yourfinancial goals by simply putting money away in the bank, you wouldn’t need a financial plan.

Cash Management

An important part of any financial plan is cash flow. It’s the backbone of a good financial plan. Cash flow strategies may include:

  • Reviewing your budget and expenses to reduce waste
  • Identifying surplus funds to invest
  • Considering tax efficient ways to create additional funds
  • Having an emergency fund available for any unplanned expenses
  • Identifying short, medium and long term cash requirements for planned expenses

Developing a realistic and achievable spending plan is a step in the right direction to establish how money will be spent and what money will be set aside for the future.

Debt Management

Debt management is important so you can achieve benefits from owing money. Not all debt is bad and you need to have suitable debt strategies in place to take advantage of using debt to create wealth. Such strategies include:

  • Increase in disposable income through debt consolidation
  • Paying off non-deductible debt
  • Expanding your investment portfolio & create additional wealth opportunities
  • Creating “good debt” to help eliminate “bad debt” sooner
  • Debt strategies to improve standard of living and retirement plans

If you feel it’s time to make debt work for you contact us now. Moneyplanners will always discuss debt management as a part of your overall financial plan to help you plan to meet your goals sooner.

Insurance Planning

Taking steps to address the financial impact unforeseen health and disability issues in the family or business is one of the foundations of every financial plan. At Moneyplanners we work with you to develop an insurance programme to manage the financial risks of the unforeseen balanced with the need to create financial assets for the future. Our comprehensive insurance planning services include:

  • Creating a personalised insurance programme for you, your family and your business.
  • Implementation of the insurance plan with the insurer and negotiating terms, where necessary.
  • Regular reviews to ensure the programme continues to meet your needs
  • In the event of a claim we will help to smooth the claims process and advocate on your behalf with the insurer.
Retirement Planning

One of the primary reasons that people engage a financial planner is to know if, and when, they can retire.  Just the thought of retirement can cause anxiety and many feel overwhelmed and unprepared. At Moneyplanners we will work with you to create a retirement plan you can rely on. Our service includes:

  • Helping you to set realistic retirement goals based on where you are today.
  • Creating a plan which balances the spending needs of today with those of the future
  • Building a programme of savings (including KiwiSaver) and investment to get you there.
  • Reviewing and refining your programme over time taking into account changes in your situation.
Investment Planning

“Investment management is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

Creating an investment plan which balances risk/return and your goals for the funds requires a structure, skill and patience. At Moneyplanners, we take our role in the investment planning process very seriously. Our role is not to outperform the markets, but to use our knowledge of how the markets work and, by adopting globally recognised principles of investment planning, help you achieve your investment goals. Our investment planning services includes:

  • Developing an investment solution to designed to meet your goals for the investment.
  • Implementing and managing the investment solution on your behalf.
  • Reviewing and updating the programme to cater for changing needs and circumstances.
  • Coaching you through the inevitable ups and downs of the markets