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Personal Risk Management - Needs Indicator

You can use this form to assess your exposure to life and disability risks which could financially impact you or your dependents.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE READ: By using this calculator, you acknowledge and accept that the calculations in this quiz are designed as an indication of your needs - they are not personalised advice. If you are unsure or would like personalised advice on your specific needs and how to structure your insurance programme, we recommend you seek advice from a qualified adviser.

Some Information About You

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Life Insurance Needs

In this section we will take a look at life your life insurance needs.
Unless required for your mortgage, it is unlikely that you will need life insurance cover at this time. If you already have cover in place and would like an opinion on whether to retain that cover, please get in touch with one of us.
In light of having dependents who rely on you or your partner financially, please answer the following questions to provide a guide on how much, if any, Life insurance cover you may need.

Life Insurance Calculations

Enter a number from $10,000 to $50,000
Enter a number from $0 to $5,000,000
If so, please enter the amount here.

Educational Funding for the Kids

If you have no children, please enter 0
If you passed away, would you want to provide for your children to attend college or university?
How many years of tertiary study would you like to provide for for each child?

Replacement Income

Taking into account any reduction in your mortgage, how much of your income would need to be replaced if you passed away?

Please enter the number of years you would like the income replacement for? e.g. if you would like to provide income replacement for 5 years - enter number 5.

Existing Assets

Do you have assets which would be available to offset your life insurance needs?

If the only life insurance you have in place is accidental death cover, enter $0 here.

Life Insurance Results