New Year’s Resolution that sticks

Every year in the heady celebration that is New Years’ eve we all make resolutions for the coming year but surveys in the past show that 75% of us stick to our resolutions for a week and only 46% of these are still on target 6 months later.

Whether it be to lose weight, run a marathon or spend less on shoes we are all striving to improve our lives but quickly lose interest and the New Years’ resolution becomes a distant memory.

Planning our financial future often gets put on the back burner because we are all so busy and fear that if we have a financial plan we won’t be able to enjoy the lifestyle we currently enjoy, when in fact a financial plan creates the opposite effect.

Financial planning allows for the lifestyle you enjoy and plans for the future lifestyle that you desire, creating one less thing to worry about in our busy lives.

We would like to suggest that you make a resolution this year that we at Money planners can assist you to stick to, by resolving to get your finances, retirement and estate planning in order.