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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of files can I store in my vault?

You can store pretty much any type of file which is readable by a computer or mobile device. However, typically you would store PDF documents, Office Documents, Images and videos which are relevant to your vault.

Is there anything I shouldn't store in my vault?

Like anything related to technology, and despite the level of security which exists on the Moneyplanners vault, there are certain things we do not support storing on your vault….notably bank account passwords and credit card details and access details to other important sites (e.g. Paypal.). If you do choose to store this type of data in your vault, we reserve the right to remove this information from your vault. We also expressly forbid the storage of obscene or objectionable material including but is not limited to any form of pornography.

How do I access my vault?

You can access your vault by clicking on the following link: https://moneyplanners.co.nz/vault

Who has access to my vault?

The only people who have access to your vault are you (and your partner if you’ve designated a partner), anyone who you have given access to, Miles Flower and the Vault administrator (David Yates)

How-To Videos

These videos were created by the service on which the Moneyplanners Client vault is built. Feel free to submit a ticket or give us a call if what you are unable to work out how to do something with your vault..

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